Stillness in Dynamism

Asanas are deceptive in their form, they appear to be finished in one final pose. Shape assumed and then dissolved. Like water. 

Winter is melting into summer, rapidly. The water in my matka is just the right degree of cool to quench my thirst. The pool waters provide buoyancy and resistance as I swim. My thoughts flow one into another until they bear no link to the original thought. I feel water everywhere…

Free flowing and stagnant.

Life sustaining and suffocating. 

Terrifying deluge and gurgling brook. 

Thundering waterfall and the silence of a mother’s womb. 

Meandering rivers and gigantic waves. 

Baptism waters and bearer of ashes.

Lakes and Mountains by Lawren Harris

And then there is pralaya

7 thoughts on “Stillness in Dynamism

    1. The humble matka has been around for centuries and continues to exist alongside refrigerators. I love this about my country, multiple eras coexist in harmony.
      In the summers, I add khus roots into the pot and the water becomes fragrant too. Perfect for the hot summers we have here.
      This humble everyday object is widely used as an analogy in the commentaries on the texts.


  1. What you’ve written is so special. I often ask my students to consider the movement between asana to be the space between thoughts or the notes between music. In that way they are not focused only on the destination (the final form of the asana). Would you say I’m on the right track?

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    1. Thank you. We’ve been taught about paying attention to the entry, stay and exit of assuming an asana. It was and remains interesting especially now when I’m clumsy in my exits with all the props. I find an analogy to life though like how you bring the same to asana with our mind space at the exit of an event/emotion. How do I exit anger? How do I exist happiness? What do I really experience and what is the nature between two thoughts… Thank you for this comment, it has made me think again on similar and yet different lines.


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