Backbending without backbends

I wonder if I would ever be as intense in my practice as the teachers at the institute. It is impossible to keep a single asana fresh every time without active study. 

Today was backbends day and we did not do a single backbending pose. Yet, we bent over backwards. That’s a phrase we use unthinkingly most of the time. Usually, with a tinge of a whine or disappointment. Yet, what is backbending really? 

At this time and space, it is expanse and light for me. Surrender and Freedom. Today’s asanas did not progress from the usual urdhva mukha svanasana. Instead, twists and inversions provided the effects of opening the anterior body. Backbends light up my temples for some reason and I have more clarity in vision. Why the temples? 

The language of symbolism is powerful as I am beginning to discover. They are like breadcrumbs, pointers to delve deeper. Recently, my little girl hurt her tailbone and that raised sacrum to the surface of my thoughts. It’s a word that has been bobbing up and down ever since and perhaps there is a connection between the two. Sacrum, temple, sanctum?

Tambdi Surla- an old temple in the heart of Goa

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