Some Supta Padangushtasana

Last evening, I barely managed to complete the invocation when the door bell jangled madly. I had to attend to my little girl who was quite hassled and needed my attention.

There went my video lesson. But I still sat down and practiced a few asanas. This is a change for me. Previously, I would have been more likely to add to the chaos and it would end up in taking longer for both of us to settle. Additionally, I would have just given up practice for the day and got on a thought train to nowhere, resenting all and sundry.

Since I did not have a set of asanas decided, I just did a few that first came to mind.

Supta padangushtasana 1,2,3 and 4
Paschimottanasana with support
Uthita padangushtasana with support
Adho mukha svanasana
Supta sukhasana with support
Supta baddakonasana with support
5 cycles of
Shitali pranayama
Brahmri with shanmukhi mudra

I don’t know if this is right or not but did it to the best of my ability. A change I felt was the contact of the back of my thighs in Supta padangushtasana 2. One of the actions I struggle with is moving the thighs behind and calming them but it seems to be getting better.

Amongst the 4 variations, I find 2 and 4 difficult. My right leg goes down easier whereas the left is stiffer and painful.

My left knee gets a twinge if I pull beyond a point in 4. Maybe its the tightness in the groin of the same leg. I notice it in the padmasana and sukhasana positions as well so now I use support for that knee. It seems to have eased up a bit. The stiffness in the knee is lesser. I bend gingerly expecting to hit resistance but it doesn’t come as much and I fold easier.

As a runner, I am almost religious when it comes to practicing these asanas as it has worked in keeping my legs light and free from the aches and groans that I used to experience earlier.

All in all, despite the interruption, a good practice. I had a small moment of change and for that I am grateful.

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