Sequencing is an art

Practised to a sequence from one of the classes last year. At the time, the effort required overshadowed all the other tastes in the asana. It is only with the passing of time that we see progress. On an everyday basis, all I see is what I cannot do, not what comes easier. From this distance, I was simply struck by the creative genius of the sequence he employed that day. As a teacher, he has been more a devotee of the subject and his Guru. It comes through very clearly in his delivery. He knows LOY inside out and has a fantastic memory with respect to the photos in the hall.

While I know and appreciate the importance of sequencing, in my notes, the sequence would be secondary to the tidbits about Guruji or the Sutras or analogies or a focus action. The bodily effort is simply a way to prepare one to explore one’s own true self. But, today I was struck with the threading of a sequence as an art. The principles of sequencing are not complex, they are based in common sense and are not rigid. Often, one mistakes the list of asanas as a standard over the counter delivery for certain issues. Some things are established and we don’t mess around with it but else, there is a lot of freedom to experiment.

At my level, it is still body driven with rudimentary awareness of breath and mind. I observe but do not have the knowledge or maturity needed for experimenting with it. But, sometimes there is a brief experience of that cohesion, like in savasana today.

In RIMYI news, the institute gets more lively by the day with things getting ready for the fresh academic year. It is a different era now with both offline and online classes. As for me, I am simply happy to be back. It has been a constant through these last years even when it was shut. If I had to articulate what draws me there, I wouldn’t have one answer. RIMYI is many things. It is the generosity of a man who gave all of himself to the world, it is the devotion and dedication of the teachers who carry on his legacy, it is the space itself- a pulsating one that has remained a place of study, endeavour and transformation for so many. I could go on but it probably would not make much sense if one hasn’t experienced it for themselves. Sharing a few pictures here for you Suzy. The last image is of the space allocated for the book store and is adjacent to the new entrance.

4 thoughts on “Sequencing is an art

  1. It is beautiful. I can’t wait to come back. I would imagine that they are limiting class size, or requiring vaccination? I was thinking a similar thought when I was rehearsing with the master-director last night for our concert this evening. This man has lead the Choir of the World (it won the competition twice), yet is so humble, gentle, and giving. He knows the score so well and anticipates where we non-professionals can improve our sound and musicality, but doesn’t humiliate us for our shortcomings. I was thinking of all of the musicians he has mentored throughout the years and how he has given of his talents tirelessly. The true guru gives freely of his god-give talent and spreads the love of his craft. While their stay on earth might be temporary, their gifts remain with us.

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    1. The last two sentences, Suzy! so beautifully expressed… I do hope you can visit soon. At the moment, classes have a reduced intake and it is still open only for the locals. It feels good to be back in the hall and I’ve been enjoying the Vipareeta Dandasana bridge immensely. 🙂


  2. When I take a class, I always notice the sequencing, how one asana prepares for another and is related to the others. Between my background as a choreographer and my studies of exercise science, this intrigues me. But it also settles and clears my mind to be present to the process. Thank you for the post and for the pictures.

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