Holiday Practice – Urdhva Dhanurasana

Yesterday’s practice fed today’s time on the mat. A large morning since there were chores to do and meals to cook. Began with a supported Vipareeta Dandasana on rolled mattresses. As I stayed in the pose, I thought of the bench in the hall and my days on that backbender.

Worked on the dorsal region and elbows while watching the breath shapes in various asanas. Finally did a few reps of urdhva dhanurasana and vipareeta dandasana. Rusty there too.

Day’s end and I’m done! Evening was admissions duty at the institute and a long drive back home. One thing that stayed with me today was my daughter asking me how would I work on my elbow on my own when she was helping me with one of the early Vipareeta Dandasanas today.

One thought on “Holiday Practice – Urdhva Dhanurasana

  1. While you might feel rusty, you don’t exude it. What I see is natural looking and not forced. Soon you’ll be in the practice hall and your body will be ready to see what has or hasn’t changed during the last 3+ years. It’s exciting.

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