Holiday Practice – Inversions

Everytime I think there will be a routine, things change. The last few days were a whirlwind with travel, some work at the institute and a guest. Evening practice took a backseat and now it is back to morning practice with some institute duty.

A long tiring day but had to make a note here today for a special day. Admissions opened today and it was lovely to be back at RIMYI and meet so many old faces. I met a fellow student today and we reminisced about being in therapy class together. Another yoga friend mentioned that it was nice to see me as an active part of the institute. I hadn’t realized how my involvement with the place has grown, it has been slow and very natural. I am forever grateful to RIMYI and my teachers and Guruji for the gift of yoga.

The ground floor has been redesigned and it looks much brighter and more open now. The halls are the same with a fresh coat of paint. Over 2 years since the place closed down and finally we will be back in the hall. It is all rather exciting.

As for practice, it was completely inversions with variations of Sirsasana and Sarvangasana. It was interesting to note how there is more access with the legs not feeling the effort and the dorsal back yielding better. The neck is still a problem area but it is also a study area. I am reminded of something one of my teachers said, Sirsasana is done by the shoulders and Sarvangasana is done by the back of the head. Niralamba Sarvangasana was better today while Karnapeedasana told me it was missed.


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