Q& A time

Sunday evening listening to Geetaji answering questions in her inimitable style. Settled into seated asanas to watch brilliance at work.

Witnessing. Such an essential process of learning both for student and teacher. There is a lot of resonance with the current reading of the Kathopanishad. The initial sections make me think about the qualities of studentship. While we all want the best teachers, how many of us want to be deserving students?

4 thoughts on “Q& A time

  1. Thank you for writing your blog. I look forward to reading it and seeing what you’re working on, learning, observing. You are teaching me so much and I am learning from your examples.

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    1. Thank you for being such a generous reader Suzy. I love your posts too, such a slice of a yoga life. And I take back a lot into my own practice. Thank you!


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