Holiday Practice – Supta Virasana

An unexpectedly long day and so a leisurely practice was not possible. Instead it was a Supta sorta evening. Mostly Supta Virasana but cycled through Supta Swastikasana, Supta Badddakonasana, Supta Padangushtasanas as well. A quick 25 minute recharge to get through whatever was left of the day.

Supta Virasana used to be a favourite during my running days. I’ve often dozed off in the pose and woken up to numb limbs. But, I’d have the lightest legs after. It used to be such a relief especially on long run days. And then even Virasana was a struggle. Asanas are transient too. So the necessity for Abhyasa and Vairagya in each anga.

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