Prodigal Daughter

Returning Home…

It feels like I’m crawling on all fours to my home, the place that offers unconditional and no-nonsense acceptance. It has been a very trying period mentally, emotionally and spiritually and the analogy of a rudderless boat would be pretty apt here.

I’m sitting in the big hall, waiting for a new year to begin. I missed the start last Friday as I was too broken to make it. Today, I’ve willed myself to be here knowing fully well that a gap of nearly 3 weeks without practice will mean a lot of relearning. What is that the Sutras say… Atha Yoganushasanam

Hari Om

8 thoughts on “Prodigal Daughter

      1. On a somewhat unrelated note, I was buying pizza last night and ran into Purnima Manghnani who said she worked with you in the medical class in Pune. Purnima and I did our Intro I (back when that was a thing) teacher training together. She said to say “hi.”

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