• 2 extra large belts
  • 6 regular sized belts
  • 4 small belts
  • 4 small steel rods
  • 4 slightly longer wooden rods
  • 3 foam bricks 
  • 1 thick mat
  • 1 blanket

It took all this skilfully rigged up by a kind teacher to allow me a sense of stability in my leg for a while. It’s been very long since I felt the energy course through my legs the way it did in remedial class last evening. Not to mention, the relief in my back too. The class ended and I could walk without the usual unstable feeling in the knee. It got shot again, a long drive back undid all the good but at least there is a course correction roadmap becoming clear. 

Ironically, I started this class wanting to dissolve into hopelessness and despairing of any real change happening. But, that cautious optimism I felt last week may be justified. There is a lot of hitherto unknown directions of explorations opening up and perhaps there is cure possible. I don’t need to be stoic and resigned. 

The teacher who fixed me up was someone I always thought of as very strict and she turned out to be compassion personified. I spent the bulk of my time in urdhva prasarita padasana tied up well and good against a column. She called the setup ‘engineering’ and it truly was so. The shape of my knees and shins took a different appearance and nature. And all this with just props, I did nothing. It’s very different to be passive in an asana after being used to being engaged all the time but healing requires surrender. It’s clear that if I would want a complete recovery, I would need to rest, rest and rest. The time for active work would come later. I guess it was the loss of a certain level of proficiency in asana that didn’t allow me to let time do it’s magic. It’s just very hard to relax, still.😊 How do you tell your legs to be still when the mind is whirring with thoughts and ideas? 

I remain awed when I see the brilliance of Guruji’s system and the healing power of asana without actually performing an asana. We’re truly lucky to have had such a giant who blazed a way for countless suffering souls.

In gratitude 

4 thoughts on “Engineering 

  1. Fascinating. She sounds like an excellent teacher. Your insights are valuable for me as both a teacher and a student. Now if only you could apply the engineering to driving your car. I don’t think car seats and pedals and designed with ideal ergonomics.
    (A friend of mine had to change cars from standard transmission to automatic after some problems with her left knee.)
    Keep blogging and healing.

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