Winds of change

I woke up, fresh and alert at around 3:30 this morning. While it was way too early, I didn't really feel like staying in. So, out of bed it was and the kittens were happy to see me, or so I like to think. Fixed myself a cup of black and read for some time. After the usual routine, I did my stuff and thought about time, it's been an unfinished muse since last Saturday.
The early morning hours between 2 am and 6 am are considered the period of vata, a predominant trait in my make up. The very existence of time is movement and space, again attributes of the wind. A couple of days ago, I was mesmerized by the Sutra 4:12. And this morning before class, I found myself climbing up to the terrace at the Institute to pay my respects to Lord Hanuman, the mighty son of the wind.

Class today was primarily twistings and again I thought of the air element in the squeeze and release. Right at the start of class, during the invocation, our teacher's cues changed the sense of occupancy of breath and presence in my body. A different experience, yet again.

There is change in the air, a stirring of old dreams which seem possible and once again, it is the blessings of yoga.🙏 Now, I sit typing these thoughts before they scatter away on the wind…

Hari Om

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