Who is a Guru?

He who has through his life and work unveiled a greater vision, provided you with a thirst to aspire, or kindled in you a greater hunger to live and to face your problems courageously- he is your guru. The teacher may be a book, it may be a passing statement, it may be an experience in life itself. The teacher is the one whose remembrance helps you become a critic of yourself. 

– Swami Chinmayananda 

2 thoughts on “Who is a Guru?

  1. I have been reflecting on the Guru Mantra lately. I love how it gives reverence to Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, then Shakti and Para Brahma. It covers everything. Many blessings for this post!

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  2. That describes my best teachers, and also the life lessons I’ve been reflecting on. Just what I needed to hear. Becoming a compassionate critic of oneself is self-respect.

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