Back to school

Last night, I sat entering the errant notes from last year into my notebook. I had them on my phone but had not completed the transfer into my book.  I would quickly type down sequences or certain phrases that the teachers would have mentioned on my screen so that I wouldn’t forget but it kind of piled up. There was a period where I deliberately stopped the practice to let my body remember. I found that asana actions were better learned that way while the nuggets of philosophy were lost with the passing of time. So, I shall continue to make notes this year.

It was nice to read pithy instructions and pointers like “open the carpet of your palms”, “a lamp on the threshold lights up both sides” etc. They seem disjointed but are perfect to jog my memory. I remember the classes and how I felt then. I remember the link of ideas that connected to those words. 

I have half the book left so I’ll just continue writing in the same one. I’m eager to start class tomorrow, just like how I would feel before school reopened after summer holidays. My book is covered and I’ve got a date index ready too! Geeky but then I suppose most Iyengar yoga students are that way. 🤓

In gratitude for fresh beginnings

Hari Om

4 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. I am currently taking HS Arun’s workshop. Last year I felt compelled to take pictures of every pose in his unique prop setups. This year I am just enjoying his teaching. Sometimes I take copious notes, other times I just experience. It is interesting to be on this journey.

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