Guruji referenced nature’s manifestations to explain asana and pranayama. Whether the analogy of the central vein of a leaf to our spines or the example of a flower falling to the earth to explain uttanasana, the infinite intelligence of the cosmos coursed through his life and teachings. 

Birjoo M and Prashantji spoke at the anniversary celebrations at the institute yesterday. Transformation was one of the themes and exploration the other. Guruji’s dharma was the common thread. In common parlance, dharma is translated as duty but from my readings and understanding, the true essence or nature of a thing/person seems more appropriate. An oft quoted example would be that of the sun’s dharma being to shine on irrespective of the recipients of its brilliance. As Birjoo put it, there is no question of “choosing” where dharma is concerned, no duality. Even Ravana stayed true to his dharma, there could be no other way for him to fulfill his embodiment. There really is no choice. This thought was echoed in my morning reading as well. I no longer consider such occurrences as coincidences, they feel more like a clue to continue the same thread of thought.

“There he comes to be united with the knowledge acquired in his former body and strives more than before for Perfection, O son of the Kurus.

By that very former practice he is borne on inspite of himself. Even he who merely wishes to know YOGA goes beyond the SHABDA BRAHMAN.”

The Bhagwad Geeta 6:43-44

Commentary by Swami Chinmayananda

Prashantji talked about the esoteric aspects of sadhana and urged those present to explore classical yog. Someday, I hope to be able to study from him and Geetaji as well. 

What did I take back? I need to stop looking to see. 

It is a concept that has been a fairly recent experience in japa sadhana as well. Applying lessons from yogasana to japa and finding that they have many similarities. Each day is different like how the asana varies day to day. The river is never the same…

I’ve stopped taking notes after every class and started to trust the lessons felt in class. It feels more stable to retain the notes within the body rather than outside it. Slowly, I find that there is a spreading sensitivity within that is happening of its own accord. Is this the sound that is heard within? I do not know. At best, I am a feeble student with an average home practice. Many times, I don’t make it to a dedicated asana practice. A love for running requires that I support it differently during heavy mileage periods. Now that, the marathon is done, I am looking foward to get back to the standing poses. They have become good friends who help me find my feet when I have been away from the mat.

Speaking of friends, it was lovely to meet fnyogi on a very special day, Guruji’s birth anniversary. It was like meeting an old friend of many years. It’s amazing how the virtual world has made strong bonds in the real one. Friendships like these have been a blessing of Guruji, uniting complete strangers through a common love for the man and his subject. 

2017 promises to be a year of sketches by fnyogi!

May the light that he was, is and will be, bless us always.

Hari Om

2 thoughts on “Cosmic

  1. Dear So, another thanks for your presence and for your time today! It was a very special morning with you! It was just very special to get to know each other and share very intimate stories like two old friends 🙂 you are a real “Schatz” as they say in german. May our ways cross again here in India or in Europe! And may you and your family be blessed 💕

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    1. The pleasure was entirely mine, dear friend. 😊 It was nice to hang out together and enjoy a morning together. Have a safe trip home and see you soon. Much love to you and Claudia. God bless.


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