Unravelling Sutra 1.33

There is much that has filled my heart and made it overflow with joy, a natural happiness of life. It seems limiting to list all the moments of luxurious asana practice, runs, walks, sight seeing and most importantly connecting with family and a dear friend. This trip wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for a supportive and loving family back home. Just a few more days and I will be in their midst. I miss the spontaneous hugs of my little girl, the culinary adventures of my husband and the heart to heart with my older girl. The winds of my land call and I am happy at the thought of being reunited with my loved ones.

Travel is not very high on my agenda and I am quite content with being a homebody. Yet, something very unexpected came to be. I travelled halfway across the world and then to visit someone I had come to know through blogging. I did wonder if K regretted asking me and then couldn’t get out of it out of politeness. But, it was a peripheral thought. Usually, travel, meeting new people or situations would give me butterflies in my stomach and make me nervous. Yet, through a set of culturally distant experiences and situations, it did not happen at all. All that I experienced was an open curiosity, like a child without fear. A natural ability to embrace whatever came my way. Definitely not possible a few years ago!

I only knew fragments of K through our interactions on our respective blogs and through instagram pictures of things and places (well my feet too 👣). We exchanged e-mails once I knew I was visiting Canada. There was nothing else yet it felt like the most natural thing when she invited me over. I had a vague idea of meeting for an hour or two and returning back. But, thanks to her invite, we got an opportunity to connect in person. And it was like meeting a friend I have known since many ages. Lovely meals, walks and a practice over the period of 24 odd hours. I was content to come, to stay and to leave. Full and completely in the here and now.

It was destined, not my doing at all. We are but chosen to walk our roads and share it with our fellow travellers. At the core of it, there is no you and no I. Only one breath.

Poetry collection by my friend – a gift of the heart

This journey has revealed a lot of things that I don’t think about often. Love, Affection, Friendship, Trust, Joy, Faith, Balance, Light, Open mindedness and many more… I may have missed my classes back at the Institute but I received different yoga lessons here. I go back- a heart bursting with light.


2 thoughts on “Unravelling Sutra 1.33

  1. The context of our meeting – which really felt like more of a reunion – was entirely unique in my experience. It was so wonderful that you stepped out on a limb to meet with a stranger from halfway around the world! I am so full with everything that we shared… processing it will take a while : ) What a gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am very joyful to be another “K” in your circle!

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    1. 🙏It wouldn’t have happened if not for your radiant heart. Thank you for your generosity and warmth. It’s an experience I will cherish all my life. Hope we can meet again, perhaps in India? If it be willed…

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