Bloomers and a mat

12641 km away from home yet I am at home. All it takes is a mat, bloomers and few books to recreate a familiar space. It’s been luxurious to take my time with asana practice. Yesterday was a couple of hours going through one of the latter sequences in the preliminary course book. Today was exploring the standing asanas from the intermediate course book. One was a quick run through all the categories of asanas while the other was to work a little more intensively. I do miss the fire of a class but the book is a good substitute and if the soreness is any indication, I have worked well. Perhaps, having to be my own teacher is good to learn to pay attention rather than wait for a teacher to draw focus. 

I’m deeply grateful for being given an opportunity to witness nature’s glory in all her brilliance. It’s humbling to see the wheels of time and the wisdom of nature do their thing. The fall colours in Canada are stunning. 

Fall glory

Today’s reading was 10:34. I miss my copy of the Gita with the commentary but I suppose being without any support is good to flex those inner mental muscles. The translation I have reads as follows

 I am death, destroyer of all; I am the source of all things yet to be. Of women I am fame, prosperity, speech, memory, intelligence, fortitude and forbearance. 

The feminine qualities mentioned are all aspects of sustenance and constant change, the function typically assigned to Lord Vishnu. One of the sutras has been on a constant loop in my head and this shloka is a beautiful accompaniment to Patanjali’s aphorism from the Vibhuti Pada.

एतेन भूतेन्द्रियेषु धर्मलक्षणावस्थापरिणामा व्याख्याकाता:।।१३।।

Through these three phases, cultured consciousness is transformed from its potential state (dharma) towards further refinement (lakshana) and the zenith of refinement (avastha). In this way, the transformation of elements, senses and mind take place.

Prakriti in all her complexity is also the means to Purusha. 

Palm reader?

4 thoughts on “Bloomers and a mat

  1. Hi Sonia! are you going to be back home in December? I will be in Pune for the special session with Abhijata, i thought you might accept to meet for a tea somewhere and chat about yoga and other things ?!
    enjoy your time in Canada

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