Living Water

There’s much to share and it seems too vast and interconnected to begin at a single point. The shloka or two that I read in the morning simmer through the day and spills into subsequent readings over the next few days. While it is not a linear and systematic method of learning, I find it useful in allowing intuition to do its job. New connections make themselves apparent without thirsty seeking. A different kind of abhyasa, one of being rather than doing. It feels like another cycle of learning has started yet again. 

The fascination with the panchamahabhutas continues along with watching the play of gunas within myself and around me. It takes the drama out of everyday excitement and irritation and provides a clear framework for self-study. 

Recently, I came across a rather obscure book at a friend’s home and the title was intriguing. So, I borrowed it and it has been a fascinating read so far. A smattering of some of the gems from that tiny little copy are below.

Actually, the mysteries of water are similar to those of the blood in the human body. In nature, normal functions are fulfilled by water just as blood provides many important functions for mankind.

Water in its natural state shows us how it wishes to flow, so we should follow its wishes.

Naturally moving water augments itself. It improves in quality and matures considerably. 

Water which sinks into the earth from the atmosphere will pick up salts and minerals and other substances which restore its vitality; it is enlivened by isolation from light and air. But there is also a certain  journey in both time and distance that the water must make before it becomes internally mature.

Living Water by Olof Alexandersson

It reads like the mystic shlokas and sutras and I cannot help but think of the parallels in yogic concepts. And that opens a whole new vista. 

Living Water by Olof Alexandersson

Accordingly, my practices are changing and it is a natural shift towards watching rather than just doing. It raises questions and also teaches to stay with them. Something  Schauberger says about inheritance is similar to what the Gita and the Sutras speak.

Schauberger’s Heritage

Hari Om

4 thoughts on “Living Water

  1. Hi sonia, i am not sure i get what Schauberger is saying about blood and inheritance… maybe my english is insufficient :/ what i get is that some people may have superior powers/abilities because of energy transmition of past generations.. is that right? interresting theory though also scary. I dunno.
    cheers anyways πŸ™‚

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    1. Broadly speaking, I would think yes. However, what I found fascinating is the parallel with what the Aitareya Upanishad talks about the son and the father, a stringing together of the past with the present and future. The potential for the highest is present within and as Schauberger says, the person need not speculate because he can ‘see’… and choose between knowledge and science. The choice of words is unfamiliar but the thoughts or rather their direction seems similar to the tattvas etc. Like see in this case sounds like inner vision rather than the sense of sight.
      This is just a personal interpretation and perhaps not what the author had in mind but nonetheless very interesting in how it lets me explore a thought. 😊


  2. Nice Sonia! My wife and I recently started a garden and planted a few fruit trees. I find such a profound connection to nature when watering these plants and trees. Much deeper than the actual act, I think I am also watering myself metaphorically in the process. I also sense that once you are deep into the teachings they manifest everywhere. Many blessings!

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Michael. You are right, things manifest themselves and make complete sense without needing to understand them. More of an intuitive experiencing rather than intellectual understanding. I feel language also functions differently then.
      It’s lovely to hear about your slice of the cosmos around your home. Maybe we can see some pictures? 😊 Many blessings to you too!

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