feet that see

I had an incredibly alive run this morning. Barefoot and in the dark. What does it have to do with yoga? Perhaps nothing but it seems to awaken my awareness within. 

One of my teachers frequently tells us to observe actions by one part of the body on another and to bring conscious change using that understanding. Using knowledge (subjective) vs. information (objective). Part of that exercise, for me, is experimenting with alignment in running to see how it makes for more efficient movement. Without shoes, the dynamics are completely different. Add darkness to the mix and the feet are not mirrors that reflect but eyes that see through the soles! 

Home practice is changing again. Less forceful but more intense. Often, the next day sees a little soreness in the areas that I work with, sort of like how it does the day after class. In my books, that feels like being on track. May I never stop being a student…

Hari Om

2 thoughts on “feet that see

  1. Just as usually, this is a beautiful post!
    this just reminded me of what I read this summer: it is said that the space between the big toe and the second toe are really important for asana practice since it is the base for the stability in postures – and that the root of the big toes and the optic nerves are somehow connected. So the sole of the feet must see… interesting idea! see through the feet. Quite a different perspective 🙂

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    1. Thanks Fanny. There was an interesting thought my teacher shared about the location of the elements in our palms and how that changed adho mukha svanasana. It does feel different. I suppose the feet must also work the same way, if not more, considering they are always in contact with the earth. The mound of the thumb is said to be associated with the fire element so I suppose the sense of sight would get activated. Thank you for your comment- got a new line of thought to explore.😊


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