Marichi’s pose

Fewer work days means more time for practice and study. Although the hall was open for practice today, I chose to be at home. I worked with one of Geetaji’s videos and it was illuminating as usual. Everytime I watch it, I learn something new. More is revealed even though it is the same set of instructions. She is stern throughout the session but at the end, there is a smile and humility in her expression that fills my heart. So much compassion! Dare I hope to learn from her? 

marichyasana 2- a work in progress

This was the final pose for today and the moment I got into it and looked at my legs, I was amazed at the length in them. There is a lot of work required and the picture begins to point out small details where there is dimness. I got carried away by the padmasana leg! There is a long way to go before the rigour of practice truly sets in. I still need a teacher to keep that fire burning and push beyond. 

It is interesting how the seated asanas have their parallels in standing asanas. The Marichyasana legwork is a good way to work on my trikonasana and parsvakonasana, especially on the left side. Asanas seem to work like the study of shastras in its suggestiveness. As I watch my own body, it starts to communicate although it seems like a different language at times. 😊

The name of the pose got me to look up Sage Marichi and he finds mention in the Divine Song too. A thought to ponder over and contemplate. This shloka begins the description of Lord Krishna’s limitless forms. As always, the sheer grandeur of the verses sweeps me up in its magnificence.

“Among the (twelve) ADITYAS, I am Vishnu; among luminaries, the radiant Sun; I am Marichi among the MARUTS; among asterisms, the moon am I” . 10:21

Translation from the commentary on The Holy Geeta by Swami Chinmayananda

Hari Om

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