“Your legs should come to you”

Both the classes I attend are very different. Tuesdays are hard, very intense while Fridays are softer. Not less intense but softer. It is a women’s class and there is a lot of laughter as we all struggle. 

We’ve been working with the legs in the Friday class. I feel as though I am discovering my lower limbs all over again. Yesterday, we had to move our legs without the help of our hands in all the seated poses. No adjusting, just moving. By the end of the class, there was a little quickness of action. My runner legs can go on but all the connectives are shot. Groins, knees and ankles need a lot of work if I would like to grow old with all of them intact. 

Our teacher’s voice boomed as she instructed us almost at the beginning, “Your legs should come to you.” It was a good cue to keep in mind throughout the class. Although I feel as though I am floundering in class while it is on, later I can see that I am not doing too bad, considering all factors. 

Savasana time is longer in this class and it feels good to let go. Through the week, through the day, there is a lot of doing. I could do with a little more rest and the 20 minutes of restorative and savasana gives me that time to quieten. Sleeping awake…

How much the body needs to wake up! How much the mind needs to wake up!

Hari Om

3 thoughts on ““Your legs should come to you”

  1. Hi Sonia, your post is echoing pretty much what i am experiencing right now in my practice… discovering that i haven’t dscovered my legs yet :/ so much to learn!

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