Friday evening

Quite by accident, I got my first signed copy of a book. After class, I was browsing through the books and picked up Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali by Prashantji. The lady at the desk told me to get it signed from him and I said OK. And that is how I got my first ever copy of a book signed by its author.

I have been in awe of Prashantji since reading and listening to some of his works. In my head, I have a reverential distance towards him considering his years of experience and knowledge. In person, he has very kind eyes that see you clearly.

Class was fun and tough too. Our teacher really worked us hard. While she is full of laughter, she is also a hard taskmaster. I like this women’s class, the energy is very different. We were doing Anantasana today and she said one day I will teach you to hold your toes but today we just lift the legs. The confidence she rests in all of us is very positive. 

I struggled with bending forward in Upavishtakonasana, really tight runner groins. I guess I can expect some sore muscles. Although I ate early, the lightness of a morning practice was absent. It is also less easier to disconnect from the outside world. Savasana today saw me making a to-do list! 

The institute is quite busy in the evening with a medical class and I spent a little while chatting with some familiar faces. I drove back with music in my heart and a smile on my face.

In gratitude for a lovely evening

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