Back to school

I was very happy to go to the Institute today. It was as though the break never happened. 

Today’s class was an afternoon one and a ladies one too. Nearly everyone knew each other and there was an easy intimacy amongst them as well as the teacher. Our teacher is a curly haired, crinkly eyed lady who is a complete livewire. She is quite the old timer there and full of laughter, fire and compassion. Most of the women are older than I am and it was interesting to watch their asanas. I will be their age as well and a different approach to learning would be a useful way to have a relevant sadhana regardless of age or stage of life. 

Today was ‘prop free’ day and mostly movement based. Less about alignment and more about jogging the memory of asana actions. We went through the basics and I learnt a new variation of my favourite tadasana. Although I didn’t do the inversions today, I watched how to do ardha halasana. Something to explore later. 

I like going back to basics again and again because everytime it teaches me something new. Its my one step back for every two forward. Sort of learn, explore, go forward, come back, consolidate and explore again. It is something I do with running as well and while progress is slow, there is little to no injury besides a certain solidity of experience. Finer nuances reveal themselves with repetition. By no means is this new knowledge or unique information, just that it has come through practice and experential enquiry.

Both my class timings are inconvenient on many counts. While I need to change it from a practical point of view, I also want to see the year unfold with this batch. I wonder who will be my teacher for the other class. It is a bit like going to secondary school and leaving the comfort of a single teacher for the experience of many. 

In happiness

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