Sanskrit word of the day

सुकृतम्- self made or well made

Brahmānanda- vallī, Section 7
Taittrīya Upanishad

असद्वा इदमग्र आसीत्। ततो वै सदजायत।
तदात्मानग्ं स्वयमकुरुत।
तस्मात्तत्सुकृतमुच्यत इति।।१।।

In the beginning was verily this non-existence. From that the existent was born. That created Itself by Itself. Therefore, It is called the self-made or the well-made.

“The world is sukrtam: well made, divinely planned and perfectly executed.”

– Commentary by Swami Chinmayananda

These are the concluding lines in the explanation provided for the section. I can’t but help think of Guruji’s asana as the same… Continuing in the the same vein, it is possible for each one of us to find our well made, divinely planned and perfectly executed. I think that has been his message through his sadhana.

Hari Om

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