Adi Kavya

This is a lovely illustrated children's book.

Sage Valmiki is said to have penned the Ramayana. There is a story about how he hears about Hanuman’s Ramayan and goes to check it out. He reads it and realizes that his version is not as moving as Hanuman’s and feels sad. Hanuman then shreds his version so that Valmiki’s Ramayan will be the only one known.
Hanuman’s poem was so that he could remember Ram while the sage’s massive tome was for the world to remember Ram.
I get my answer to an old question., ‘why do I write?’
It is to remember.

Today is Ram Navami and I finished rereading the Adi Kavya over the last few days.
-6 books
-5 cantos
-24,000 verses

It is a work of sheer genius in composition and to think Luv and Kush memorised the entire epic…

Jai Shri Ram

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