Coincidence/ Clairvoyance?

There have been multiple occasions when my home practice is similar to what happens in class a couple of days later. Latest in case is today’s session. We learnt how to practise inversions at home.
These days, it has been mostly forward bends at home considering the draining summer heat. I missed tadasana so one day was dedicated to the standing asanas. I ended up sore in my arms, shoulders and trunk the next day! Mental note – always practise the basics. A couple of days ago, I got back to my inversion practice after the mandatory few days off in the month and was able to stay in Sirsasana for far longer than I expected to. Naturally, the rest of the cooling inversions were correspondingly longer. End result, sore legs and shoulders the next day. But previous experience has taught me that it gets better subsequently. Today’s class on inversions was relatively easy in comparison. I learnt how to use a three fold blanket for Sirsasana and it was a much better lift.
Our teacher explained why inversions were important and I have also read the notes on that section in the books. However the bigger validation has been the experience of it in my life.
A simple immediate change has been my menstrual cycle. The last couple of months, I haven’t had soreness,/tenderness or excessive bloating. The cramping was reduced and the mental irritation was absent. I was almost taken by surprise the last time because I didn’t have the telltale symptoms of mind and body. The more I study and practise, the more wonder and amazement I feel. And this is not even scratching the surface. I still work very much on a gross muscular level. I cannot begin to imagine how rich an experience ongoing sadhana would be. I pray that I always remain a student.
Inversions were an aspiration at one time because I couldn’t do it. Now they are welcome because I see how they translate into a steadier me, a more discerning me. There were a couple of situations at work where I responded very differently from what I normally would have done. My tendency to see both sides of the story can make it difficult for me to do what is needed. I suspect, nay, believe that a regular inversion practice has allowed me to be more discerning and understand the ethical dilemma of the situation more clearly and act accordingly.
Japa practice is being a beginner all over again. I sit everyday, do my repetitions while the mind flies away. It is something I do not fight but do regardless of the flightiness. If so much has shifted, I believe someday I will also be able to be in the japa. And in the meanwhile, it will just be a means to purify and be prepared for when that change happens.
Sometimes I think my thoughts, especially the random ones that come are being picked off an unknown universal frequency. Sort of like tuning into a radio station just meant for me. It’s always been there but in the recent past, it has been happening often enough to make me question what is responsible for this surge in coincidences?

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