Yamas of words

I like to think of yamas and niyamas as vigilant doorkeepers to my sadhana. They are constantly one step ahead of where I am currently, gently prodding me to strive.
Earlier, I would feel a pang of regret that I did not latch on to yoga when I was first introduced to it. In retrospect, I needed 2 decades of learning yamas and niyamas slowly to be able to move to the third limb of yoga. Even now, it is a struggle when I see how much is required to be a worthy student.

Words are fascinating. Their sounds, a medium as well as an energy. It got me thinking that practising the yamas where my utterances are concerned is something I could explore. Increasingly, it is not what I verbalise but what I think and the underlying mental make up that need close examination. The questions can go on uncovering layers upon layers of my motives and hopefully bring about the change that is required.

Am I practising Ahimsa not just in non-violent speech but also in thought?
Am I practising Satya by not just blurting the truth but seeing if it is non-harming too?
Am I practising Asteya in speaking just my truth?
Am I practising Brahmacharya in knowing when to hold my tongue?
Am I practising Aparigraha in measuring my words?

Ultimately all of what I understand is not mine but belongs to the infinite knowledge of life. The wisdom of the ancient ones points the way for me to investigate and experience for myself. A personal understanding gets validated when something I read mirrors my interpretation. At times however, I also find myself wondering if all this is just in my imagination. Am I reading too much into the thoughts that cross my mind? But then how do I explain this sense of unclouded vision?

2 thoughts on “Yamas of words

  1. Hi Sonia! I sense you have an extremely deep practice. Asana is only a small part of the whole picture contrary to what it may seem. I am always fond of Ramana Maharshi’s approach that we are already enlightened, but if we enjoy our sadhana then keep doing it. It is independent of our vastness. By just being an engaged family member, a practitioner in the classes at RIMYI, blogging about your experiences, and keeping faith by reading and japa, and your daily run, you have transcended much of what humanity is trying to overcome. Just rest in the fact that your presence online or offline is enough. No more additional effort is needed…but only if you enjoy it.

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