Sitting on the mat

I sat on my mat today.
Just exploring dandasana, swastikasana, Baddakonasana, upavishta konasana, half padmasana, virasana and gentle twists. Wound up with adho mukha virasana before lying down in savasana. Of all the poses, lying down in savasana was the one which touched the injury. While stretching the spine to lie down straight, the spot lit up with tenderness as it touched the ground. Supta Virasana or anything that has any backward movement twinges that area so all my go to poses are denied for now.
I figured the seated poses could not hurt since the spine has to be straight and sitting is something that I am doing anyway. The standing poses do not feel the rootedness I usually have in tadasana. I don’t feel too firm on my legs. Perhaps this injury is a good thing, it got me to sit down and start with the seated asanas. They are not a favourite since I find them difficult. All the more reason to practise. Actually, ‘asanam’ means seat in my mother tongue too.
Today’s practice was very different. I mentally chanted the beej mantras for the different areas in savasana and something different happened. Two of the areas found a hum, a vibration that was audible, it was not a silent chant. Yet I was not saying it aloud.  After that my savasana was more like pranayama. By the end of it, my breath felt like an Ujjayi cycle. I wasn’t doing anything and neither did I have any intention of doing any conscious breathing, it just happened. I got a little flustered and quickly wound up. Usually, I find myself spacing out in savasana and wandering. This is unfamiliar territory, I am more at home struggling with balance in ardha chandrasana or working hard in inversions. And as a beginner yet to gain proficiency in asana, I am far away from pranayama and don’t wish to reach beyond myself.
Was doing just the seated poses responsible for allowing the mind to quieten? How did savasana end up so different? Was what I experienced something that is part of the process? Is it the same for other practitioners? Am I staying under the cover of being a beginner? I am a beginner and I hope I remain one all my life but perhaps now I need to step up?

5 thoughts on “Sitting on the mat

    1. It was interesting but completely unknown and perhaps I ought to steer clear of doing my own thing. The discipline of a known sequence or set of instructions is comforting. I am just a baby in yoga although I wonder… How is it for others? Is this to be expected? What does it signify? Questions, never ending questions…

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      1. We are all just “babies” in our understanding of the art of yoga. I mean – totally. What I “know” is the hundredth hundredth hundredth part of a tiny tiny drop in the infinite ocean that is yoga. But still, we all are somewhere on the path and unique and interesting things arise. When they do, I think that perhaps it might be an invitation to investigate. But talk to one of your teachers whom you trust. Someone who sees a little farther can help you find your bearings, perhaps.

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      2. ‘Invitation to investigate’ that’s a nice way of looking at it.
        I really appreciate your taking the time to comment and answer my questions, no matter what they are. A big thank you for being a shining light. 🙂

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