I had a dream

Dreams… A figment of imagination or Hidden intelligence?
I barely dream. However, the few odd ones are fairly vivid when I awake although they fade away rapidly.
A few nights ago, I had a dream of Guruji. In my dream, he’s talking to a student and also signs a copy of the newest book for her and I was thinking to myself that maybe I could get him to sign my copy of ‘Light on Yoga’ which is in my bag but as usual I don’t dare. I touch his feet for blessings and get back to my desk in the far corner of the hall. I have a satchel and a computer which is near a staircase going down, like the one at the Institute. The hall looks different though. I don’t remember seeing any place like that.
One of his daughters was also there and it was nearing meal time. He wanted to know where Abhi was and when he got to know she would take 15 minutes to be back, he said that he would wait for her. And it sort of fades out.
The highlight of the entire dream was receiving Guruji’s blessings. His presence felt very real.
Perhaps this is a hyperactive imagination at play, perhaps it is just wishful thinking. At times, it seems as though these are markers, signposts indicating something. Am I creating them myself or are they really happening? It is far away from the sensibility of rational thought yet it feels right.
The overwhelming feeling is one of bhakti whether it is in the gratitude I feel for the blessings of yoga, the power of the Gayatri when I run or the quiet dark early mornings before the birds wake up.
If I let my thoughts take their own shape, dreams are also a state of being…

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