Athayoganusasanam 2015

I’ve seen many videos on Iyengar yoga thanks to YouTube. A lot of senior teachers who have been teaching since many decades are inevitably in most of them and I saw many of them today! It was a moment of schoolgirlish awe to see these teachers milling around with the participants for the upcoming Iyengar yoga event, Athayoganusasanam at Pune.
I had a happy day volunteering at the Institute and wish I could spare more time to help out. I just love the place and everytime I walk in through the gates, I am filled with a sense of history that is still vibrantly alive. Maybe it is all in my head but I like to think of the walls as alive and imbued with all the energy of Guruji’s sadhana and that of all those who pass through those halls. I could ramble on.
Yesterday’s class was led by a substitute teacher and it was hard and good too. Mental note, do not do a very hard home practice the day before class. I was sore to start with and at the same time, if I just kept the form of the asana in class, it didn’t feel right. It felt more damaging not to engage completely. A new understanding of the “do not do a dull pose” instruction from my previous yoga class. No practice today except for a few stretches before and after a run. Actually, I don’t think of them as any practice at all since they are run centered, but I suppose they also are a means of having a little asana everyday.

In gratitude to Guruji and his living legacy

2 thoughts on “Athayoganusasanam 2015

    • Oh no. Am not yet eligible to participate. Just helping out with the little tasks. Might attend as an observer though and hope that it all gets absorbed and stored somewhere even if I don’t understand just yet.


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