Ask and you shall receive

Classes at RIMYI were off for a few days with the family being in Bellur for Guruji’s anniversary. There was a notice put up for compensatory sessions but I did not pay attention to the entire details. I was happy that I could go to learn but in my excitement did not notice that the make good class could be taken next Monday onwards. 

I live quite a distance from the institute and while getting there takes me 35-40 minutes, returning can take an hour at times. I reached the institute and saw the board and realized my blunder. So I walked out and the guard at the gate asked me what happened and I told him. He said why don’t you just ask the teacher and see if he will take you. 

Asking for a help, a favour or anything is a huge thing for me and I would much rather go without than ask. Even with the compensatory class, I battled inside until my desire to learn overcame my reluctance to take what was offered. I waited around and asked the teacher and told him I was completely ok even if he said no but he asked a couple of questions and said that I could join in.

The teacher was a soft spoken doctor and I had to strain to hear him during the prayers but as the class progressed, he was like just any other Iyengar teacher, firm and loud. They all remind me of warriors ready to inspire with a yell, a light hearted observation, a tug or just their presence. I think of Arjuna encouraging Uttara Kumar when the Kauravas attack Virata’s kingdom at the end of their exile.

A very interesting experience was how trikonasana was better after a parsvkonasana. I thought about it after we came up and he mentioned the same thing. That’s when I felt that maybe I do ask the right questions in my practice. This tradition is like a classical art form, it calls for dedicated practice and making it ones own. It has helped me work on my desire for approval. The teachers don’t give any and as students, the tone is set for self exploration. We are taught how to learn while learning the poses. 

I have been floundering a little with my home practice, work and family commitments have become
more than what they were.  My running load has also increased in terms of effort in my quest for speed. Sometimes it is just supta virasana and savasana on a bolster. But I missed a couple of days so I really wanted a class to bring that fire back.

I also did an unsupported Sarvangasana today but my armwork was nonexistent. I feel that in halasana too. The teacher lifted my feet up and I realised there’s so much lightness that needs to come. Somewhere I still have fear about injuring my neck and perhaps that makes it a little scary to work a little more in those asanas. All in all, I am very grateful that I could get a class today.

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