Yoga powered

A very different class today with lots of jumping and little tidbits of Guruji’s early life thrown in. I wait for Wednesdays and wish I could have another class during the week. Perhaps next year.

Since I reach atleast 15 minutes before time, I watch another class that is in progress. It’s beautiful to watch a hall full of asanas in progress and listen to the teacher as she guides them into a state of quietude while in an asana. Her words flow clear and she brings the attention to the mind and body together. I find it fascinating to study the forms each asana takes with different bodies. A fundamental difference is the way in which the poses are entered. Some go through the steps while the others seem sort of keen to reach the final pose.

I am guilty of the same things and when  I watch and see the common pitfalls, it reminds me to be mindful. The instructions are drilled into us in every class, turn the right foot out, left foot in, etc., yet with familiarity, the basics of the poses sometimes get lost.

All the vigorous movement today left me with a springy step after class. I truly believe yoga gives me the energy to pack in long days and difficult situations. So much has changed in less than a year since yoga happened in my life. I find more courage within to do things I would normally shy away from. It has connected me to people around me with more openness and without fear.
Maitri, Karuna, Mudita, Upeksha- these four attitudes are all I need to be in harmony with the people in my life.

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