A teacher’s touch

Sometimes, a teacher touches a certain spot and that opens up a new awareness.

Today’s class was about completing the circuit of the outer thigh, inner knee and outer knee. The usual standing asanas and an introduction to urdhvamukhasvanasana. While I know the names and appearance of these asanas, having them broken down into segments helps to pay attention to the parts and see how they come together. Inevitably, one action comes and the other is lost.

I struggle with my left side. I think I may have found the problem area but don’t know how to correct it and am too tongue tied to ask. Today, we had to move the turned leg outwards and that action helped me to sense the root of the thigh and the outer thigh. A touch from the teacher actually lit up that action and hopefully that is an imprint I can access again.

Today our poses seemed to last longer. Veerbhadrasana 2 was better today and I tried the slightly elevated arms as mentioned by yogibattle in his recent post and it was indeed a far less tiring experience.

On a completely unrelated note, I met someone at a workshop/seminar who turned out to be a yoga teacher and student at RIMYI although in a different class. Also found out that one of the assistant teachers is also a runner. It is uncanny how the universe connects people on the same road.

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