Practice everyday?

I like to practise every day but don’t end up with an hour long session all the time. Some days I am tired, especially if it is a running day. But I still like to do something for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes life demands service and that becomes my abhyasa for the day.

Viparita Karani is my go to asana on such days. It eases my legs and allows my mind to quieten enough to hear my breath. Sometimes it is Supta Virasana with bolsters. That’s another favourite one, it works beautifully for my knees, especially after long runs.

Today was not one of those days but my mind was a little rebellious and it grumbled about practising everyday. So out with the mat and a good practice of standing asanas. When I practice, I can hear my teacher repeating instructions and mentally repeat them to myself as I extend.

Perhaps my desire for correcting my structural imbalances is also a factor in the fatigue I experience. I want to get Baddakonasana right the way it is supposed to and sit cross legged as much as I can. Ego, I want… , it is never ending.

After a long time, I used a pain relief oil and took the hot bag for my legs. Not for any pain but to soothe the overworked karmendriya.

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