Still standing and a right angle

Class No. 7 and still standing.

Today’s new introduction was ardha chandrasana. The odd times I did try it at home, I used a wall or the table for support. But we did it in class and without any props. In fact, we barely use any props. At the moment, it is more about getting the movement and learning the gross actions. 
I couldn’t resist trying the pose at home while getting some coffee going. And my little girl yelled that’s a right angle. She is a good pair of eyes in my abhyasa and was responsible for helping me learn to balance in vrksasana.

While waiting for class to begin, I was watching another class in session and they were doing sirsasana. Every time I see the king of asanas I wonder will I be able to do it independently? Logic says yes but the mind likes to mess around. Anyways that is something that will come when I am ready.

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