Ears are not for hearing alone

Today’s home practice was different. The asanas were the usual standing ones but I decided to observe my ears in them. I don’t know why the ears. It’s a barely considered part of my anatomy, one taken very much for granted.
Perhaps it was my little girl hurting her ear when she fell down on her cycle which got me to notice them.
It was interesting to see how much tension I held there right from tadasana to the standing asanas.

There is a small change in my samasthithi. I was able to keep the checkpoints in place and carry it into the other poses. Viparita karani is something I have started to incorporate into my day and it eases my legs especially on days I run. My breath is noticeable during these kind of asanas and there is a certain quality and sound to it. It’s still only something I sense but don’t fully understand.

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