Same teaching, different teacher

Raya took the class this Wednesday and he really pushed us. Every class is a progression and we are challenged all the time. The asanas are more or less the same since the beginning but the instructions are getting more detailed.

My left leg is stubborn, it doesn’t rotate outwards, I don’t seem to get the shifting of the weight and the heel has its own agenda. I feel helpless and frustrated even while knowing that I just have to keep trying harder. It’s the ego that wants to do a good looking pose and have perfect alignment. There is the approval seeking attitude that wants validation and that is an area that I need to work on. I see what Geetaji meant when she said it took atleast 5 years to get some proficiency in asanas.

24 hours later, I am sore in the sides of the trunk, my mid-butt and the hamstrings. I like to think of these sore spots as markers for the action required in the asanas. Hopefully I can tap into it the next time.

The sequence included
Virbhadrasana 2
Virbhadrasana 1
Setu band sarvangasana

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