Finding samasthithi

Sometimes I think life is like a computer game. By the time I figure out how to play one level, the game changes and becomes difficult.

The biggest stress right now is getting admission into a school for my little girl. I get out most mornings, do the rounds of schools and come back with nothing. It takes me a while to shake the dejection and dive into work.  In the meanwhile, chores happen, a little homeschooling happens and meals get prepared.

My practice is very basic, repetitions of what is done in class. While in tadasana, I am aware of the check points. The moment it changes into another asana like urdhva hastasana or uthita trikonasana, I lose that awareness and start again from the feet.

My life situation is similar to this state. One variable changes and I lose the samasthithi in my life and have to work upwards slowly. It is slow work and I struggle some days. On one hand I can see the human drama while on the other, I am in the thick of it.

Tadasana is a good way to come back to the fullness of now, an ideal of equanimity.

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