New Beginnings

As a beginner, when I started class last September, I had no perspective and understanding of my own body. I joined an existing class and just sort of went with the flow. The teacher would say tighten the knee caps and I would squeeze them till it felt like they would implode. It is only in the last couple of months I figured out that the idea was not so much tightening them as it was about lifting them and keeping them active. This made a tremendous difference in how the legs felt in standing poses and also allowed me to sense my inner legs. Uthita trikonasana, parsvakonasana, virbhadrasana and pretty much all the standing poses are difficult for me and I have to push myself to practise them. I just realized today that I didn’t go step by step, hence the difficulty. I finally started the beginners class at RIMYI and it feels like coming home. My class takes place on the second floor. I guess I cannot really hang out at the back as the ceiling is low there and my hands touch it. đŸ™‚ In a perfect world, I would have atleast two classes a week but for now I am just grateful to study here. On my first day, I saw the three Iyengars and was lucky to have one as my teacher today.

Pranamami Patanjalim

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