Back to basics and a handstand

Out of town for a bit and had a fabulous start to the trip. I was missing my yoga class and was lucky to be able to go to an Iyengar class here. There were a lot of wow moments today. I did a supported handstand and halasana for the first time. I can now see how the wrist opening and hand extensions help in developing strength in the arms for balancing poses as well as backbends.  I remember thinking it was way beyond me just a few months ago. Today, I felt hope that I might be able to do an independent handstand someday.

There was a great deal of learning as it was a beginners class. Since I started yoga class in between sessions, I never quite went through the initial basic movements. I hope to go back to a beginners class in June and start all over again.

The emphasis here was on getting the action right and we used the props a little differently. Unlike the class I go to back home where the instructions are more technical, this one was focused on the general getting in and out of poses.

It was a light and playful class with easy laughter and I left with a feeling of lightness in my body.

In gratitude to all teachers, present and eternal.

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