Every time I practise, I find something new- sometimes a change, sometimes a dawning of realization of some action that needs to take place. Despite this, at times I feel lazy about rolling out the mat. Like today for instance. But it has become something of a need now. It helps keep a balance in my life as I go about my different roles. I did the Week 3 routine from the preliminary course – Yoga in Action by Dr. Geeta Iyengar.

Mostly standing asanas and it ended with paschimottanasana and Setu band sarvangasana. There was an ardha halasana in there too but I skipped it as I have never done it before and was not sure if I should attempt it for the first time without a teacher.

Many years of wrong posture, physical and mental will take time to correct. The head knows it, the ego fights it. Sometimes there is is impatience as I want the change to have already happened. Even as I type, I know that the perfection of Guruji’s asana was a result of intense sadhana and years of tapas.

What then is my hurry?

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